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Productions of Reservations

Wildcard Week 5


Directed by Matthew Spasaro

with Graham Egan as Edgar and Wendy Knight as Mae

VENUE - The Fusebox, Factory Theatre, Marrickville

Saturday 2:30pm, Sunday 1pm, Monday 7:30pm

Short+Sweet Malaysia Theatre

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia      October 17 - 28, 2014


Producer: Gan Eng Cheng


The play won BEST DIRECTION (Mark Beau de Silva) and BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for the character MAE (Shyam). In this version, two women played the roles.

Edgar "became" Kum Cher (Big Sister) and was played by Rossa Chong.



Short + Sweet Hobart 2014

The Playhouse Theatre

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia     October 4, 2014


Festival Director: Ros Peck


Director: Julie Waddington


Edgar: Ian Cordiner

Mae: Anne Cordiner



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